Workshop to launch drafting of good practice guide for leafy vegetables in Togo

On 9 July, a launch workshop was organised in the framework of the drafting of a sectoral guide of good practices for the leafy vegetable value chain in Togo.

This meeting, which brought together about 50 participants from different organisations (APROTELF, DPV, DFV, ICAT, ITRA, FENOMAT, companies), aimed on the one hand to raise awareness among stakeholders on the objectives and interest of a guide for the leafy vegetable sector in Togo; and on the other hand, to present the draft guide (content and structure).

The guide of good practices, which will be submitted for validation by the aforementioned stakeholders, will be based on the results of the analysis of sanitary and phytosanitary risks, as well as on problems related to commercial quality – presence of quarantine organisms – and rate of postharvest losses –- carried out on the whole of the vegetable production operations (entire value chain). It will incorporate effective and sustainable sanitary and phytosanitary measures to reduce, prevent or eliminate risks depending on their nature.

This activity is organised within the framework of the Project to Strengthen the National Phytosanitary Control and Certification System for Fruit and Vegetables in Togo, supported by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) and implemented by COLEACP.

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