UNIDO Senegal: Waste management for mango processers in Casamance

COLEACP is contributing to a UNIDO project in Senegal that aims to create shared prosperity, by providing support to improve the competitiveness of the country’s mango sector and advice in the environmental and social fields.

COLEACP’s Research & Innovation service has been working with partners in Senegal to support the improvement of waste management in mango processing. During July and August, a technical team worked to identify appropriate methods for the valorisation of mango production waste and co-products. This study involved carrying out an inventory to identify all the available technologies adapted to the development of waste/co-product recovery in the mango sector in Casamance, and producing a comparison tool to help the sector develop and implement the most adaptable solutions.

In parallel, COLEACP’s Technical Assistance service worked with several companies in Casamance to evaluate, reduce and recover waste from the mango sector.

As a follow-up to these two activities, a training session on composting is being organised with Casamance companies in October. And a technical brochure on composting methods is in production and will be published in COLEACP’s e-library.

This activity, implemented by COLEACP and supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), contributes to the project “Inclusive and sustainable industrial development for employment creation in Senegal and Ethiopia”.

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