Remote training in HR Performance Management

In November 2021, when most Kenyan horticultural MSMEs were planning to conduct performance appraisals for their employees, training on Human Resources Performance Management was organised through the NExT Kenya programme to build the capacity of company directors, senior management staff, HR staff and mid-level managers responsible for conducting performance appraisals.

Following the successful completion of the training and an impact evaluation, staff of Equator Kenya Limited who took part in the training described the impact on their current activities:

“The company is working on aligning the company goals with the employees’ goals and setting clear deliverables. We have also onboarded a COO [Chief Operations Officer] to work on people management and communicate the vision for the company to the team, to ensure that everybody in the team understands the direction the company is growing into. We are also working on the job descriptions to ensure that we have SMART KPIs”.

This training is implemented by COLEACP through the NExT Kenya (New Export Trade) programme, established in collaboration with the EU Delegation in Kenya and Kenyan stakeholders.

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