PAFO-COLEAD Innovations Session on Agroecology: Join us on 10 May 2023

The 13th session of the Innovations Series on the theme of Producers’ and SMEs Innovations in Agroecology for Sustainable Agrifood Systems, will be hosted online via Zoom on Wednesday 10 May from 12:00-14:00 UTC. Live interpretation for the session will be available in English, French and Portuguese. Join us and register for this event by clicking on this link.

The programme note for the session is available here.

During this Innovations Session, producers and SMEs will showcase how their business models are driving agroecological transitions and building the resilience of the agri-food system. These innovative models are designed to address the many challenges affecting food and nutrition security, biodiversity, and natural resource availability. By adopting these models, agriculture can create new opportunities to have a positive impact on the environment and enhance food security.

Agroecology is a holistic and integrated approach to transitioning towards a sustainable food system that ensures food security and nutrition for all, while preserving economic, social, and environmental resources for future generations. Farmers and other actors in the value chain play a critical role in the development of sustainable agri-food systems through the application of ecological and social concepts and principles. This includes the valorisation of waste to create valuable and affordable organic agricultural inputs for farmers, as well as training and encouraging farmers to adopt agricultural practices that promote soil health, biological pest control, crop diversification, and integration of natural elements.

The 13th session of the Innovations series offers participants the opportunity to gain insights from a diverse panel of farmers and entrepreneurs, as well as experts from the public and private sectors who are working to promote agroecology. The event provides a platform for participants to share their experiences, exchange contacts, and connect with individuals from across the African continent and beyond who share a common interest in promoting sustainable, equitable, and effective food systems. Join us for an inspiring and informative session!

For those who cannot join live, the session will also be recorded and available to watch on YouTube.

This series is supported by the Fit For Market SPS programme, implemented by COLEAD within the Framework of Development Cooperation between the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union.