Our team of national relays

COLEACP has long depended on a committed team of local representatives (“relays”), who contribute their wide-ranging in-country and regional expertise in each of the three African, Caribbean and Pacific regions, keep us in touch with our value chains “on the ground”, and enhance our networks.
Meet the team!

COLEACP National Relays

Burkina Faso
Edit Patric KABRÉ is an expert in food safety and SPS issues
Guy Jacques WAMBA is an agricultural engineer specialising in plant protection and organic agriculture
Côte d’Ivoire
Olga KOUASSI ASSOVIE is an agricultural engineer and food safety expert
Mikyas BEKELE holds an MBA in project management and a BSc in Horticulture
Mamadou CONDE is an agricultural engineer with experience in agricultural sector development and export promotion
Eddy RANDRIAMIHAJASOA holds Master’s degrees in Strategic and Operational Management, and Economic Management Studies
Wédji FALL SYLLA is an agrobiologist specialising in food safety
Isaac NDAMANHYILU holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
Bodomziba TCHALA is an agricultural engineer and an expert in sanitary and phytosanitary measures
Grace AKAO, an agricultural scientist (crop entomology), is an expert in seed technology, plant health, SPS standards and food safety
Dominican Republic
Karina DE POOL is an Industrial Engineer specialising in international commerce and private sector development
Jenna WIJNGAARDE is a Farm Assurer Manager for Capricorn Projekt BV in Suriname
Mereia VOLAVOLA holds an MBA in Banking and Finance, and specialises in private sector development, value chain supply and agribusiness

National Coordinators of Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) Projects

STDF Cameroon
Blondelle Arlette GHOMFO has a PhD in Plant Pathology at FASA, University of Dschang and a professional Master’s in Standards and Quality Control of Agropastoral and Forestry Products
STDF Guinea
Mamadouba CAMARA is an agricultural engineer with an MSc in Agroecology; he specialises in administration management and is an SPS expert
Kadjala KPATCHA has a degree in Project Management and is a Senior Technician in Agriculture; he works with Togo’s Plant Protection Directorate (DPV)

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