MONEY FARM (The Gambia) – a horticulture crowdfunding platform

Last week the COLEACP team had the pleasure to exchange with Mr Modou NS Njie, founder of the crowdfunding platform Money Farm.

Founded in 2018, the platform connects farmers seeking financing for the acquisition of equipment with private investors who wish to invest and participate in the development of the horticultural sector.
Money Farm operates on a profit-sharing model depending on the level of investment, providing well-managed potential agri-investment opportunities in Africa, for Africans in the diaspora and for investors worldwide.

The company was created in response to the difficulty farmers face in accessing financial resources to develop their businesses. Money Farm’s team aims to have a positive impact on rural farmers by contributing to the growth of food production and improving food security in The Gambia. Money Farm’s approach empowers farmers to move from subsistence to commercial farming, to enhance their food security and to make market linkages.

For further information please consult their website.

The Money Farm team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Photo credits: Money Farm

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