Madagascar: Support for the implementation of technical workflows for organic banana and passion fruit production

HavaMad, a Madagascan fruit processing company producing certified organic fruit juices and purees, has recently received technical support from the Fit For Market SPS programme, in the form of input from experts from both Reunion and the Tamatave Horticultural Technical Centre, Madagascar. The company wished to revise its workflow to produce passion fruit and also diversify into banana production. HavaMad also wished to continue the support initiated in February 2020 concerning the production of the passion fruit variety Galea.

For both passion fruit and banana, most of the mission was carried out in the field in order to validate and test the knowledge of the production managers. Regarding post-harvest and ripening, procedures were developed with the team, resulting in a series of recommendations to be considered at business level.

Once the banana production workflow has been technically mastered, HavaMad plans to expand its own production area while also supporting producers in the vicinity of its farm.

This activity is supported by the Fit For Market SPS programme, implemented by COLEACP in the framework of development cooperation between OACPS and the EU.