Kenya: Mango farmers hope to resume lucrative European markets in September

Kenyan mango stakeholders have agreed on September 2021 as the tentative month for resumption of exports to the EU after an 8-year break. The emergence of the fruit fly in Kenya led to numerous interceptions of mango consignments by the EU between 2010 and 2014. As a result, Kenya imposed a temporary self-export ban to protect the market and institute acceptable pest management measures. After the ban, the government, among other stakeholders, started pursuing measures to help in reducing the pest in the country (FarmKenya, 12 March).

Japheth Mbandi, Technical Manager of Keitt Exporters Ltd, told The Standard that “the company’s mango exports for the last 3 years, from 2017, have been declining by 20%. That means, as a country, we must look for alternative markets.” COLEACP has been working with Keitt Exporters, among others, under the Fit For Market programme. Opening up the European market will increase the value per mango fruit for the many smallholder growers who are producing the fruit in Kenya.

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