Kenya: Human resources support for Interveg

Interveg EPZ Ltd is a Kenyan company, established in 2005, that exports vegetables to the European Union. The company’s packing facilities are located at the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Athi River, Kenya.

Following participation in our Performance Management training in July 2021, one of the company’s directors realised that Interveg faces challenges and gaps in terms of human resources (HR) policy.

As a follow up, the director met the NExT Kenya programme unit at COLEACP’s Nairobi office. An individual action plan for support was developed, after which NExT Kenya contracted an HR expert to help the company assess the gaps in its HR management policy, review job descriptions, evaluate current performance appraisals, review remuneration and benefit packages; and monitor the compliance level to relevant applicable HR laws in Kenya.

In addition, there are plans for the senior management of Interveg to take part in coaching on the adoption and implementation of improved HR practices.

Currently, the HR expert is developing improved HR documents that will constitute the HR manual for Interveg EPZ.

This activity is implemented by COLEACP and supported by the NExT Kenya (New Export Trade) programme, established in collaboration with the EU Delegation in Nairobi and Kenyan stakeholders.


Photo credit: Unsplash

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