IFOAM Survey on Pesticide Residues

Dear Partners

COLEACP is contacting you with details and links to a survey on pesticide residues in organic products that is being conducted by IFOAM Organic Europe and FiBL. Their work addresses an issue that, as you know, creates serious challenges for the organic sector. The results will benefit the sector as a whole and we strongly urge you to take part.


IFOAM Organic Europe and FiBL are currently working on the project: ‘Developing Organic: Pesticide use and contamination’ to address the serious issue of pesticide residues in organic products. The aim is to understand how residues arrive on organic products, how the situation is managed when residues are found, and finally to consider how the situation could be improved.

The results will be used by IFOAM when they advocate towards the EU Institutions on behalf of the organic sector. This is particularly important in the context of new EU Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848, which will be applied in January 2022. Within the new legal framework, provisions for the management of pesticide residues are not fully harmonised between EU Member States. It is feared that this might lead to problems in the trade of organic products within the EU, and between the EU and Third Countries.

However, the new Regulation makes provision for the presentation of a new legislative proposal on the management of residues in 2024-2025. IFOAM Organics Europe wants to be ready in advance, and be in position to present a proposal for harmonization by 2022. They want this proposal to represent the views of the organic sector as a whole and for this reason they are consulting with as many stakeholders as possible.

The Questionnaire

As part of this project, A survey has been issued to collect first-hand experience of pesticide residues in organics. It is being sent to a broad range of stakeholders to find out how residue findings are handled, and which residues occur most frequently on which products.

The questionnaire should be completed by the person in charge of quality management in your organisation. The survey:

  • Is targeted to farmers, processors, traders, retailers, control bodies and authorities, competent authorities, and standard owners
  • Is limited to residues in plant-based food (including mushrooms)
  • Will take less than one hour, and can be put on hold and resumed later
  • Should be completed by midnight of 9 August 2021
  • Is available in 8 different EU languages

Note that all responses to the questionnaires will be treated by FiBL as anonymous, and results will be published in an anonymised and aggregated way. Furthermore, no personal data will go to IFOAM or any other actors in the sector, and it will not be possible for any individual businesses to be identified. Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary and you can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to or

COLEACP is forwarding to all our partners that are involved in organic production and trade as we recognise the importance and potential value to the sector. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact COLEACP, or get in touch direct with Emanuele and the IFOAM Organics Europe Team (

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