Field training on technical itineraries for mango production in Guinea-Bissau

On April 13, 2021, under the WACOMP – Guinea-Bissau, funded by União Europeia na Guiné-Bissau and implemented by UNIDO-United Nations Industrial Development Organization, training on Technical Itinerarios was started for the production of mango.

Training is directed at #manga technicians in Guinea-Bissau, in particular: cooperatives, agricultural companies, community leaders, agricultural technicians, mango producers and model farmers. 15 technicians from different national partner organizations of the #WACOMP-GB project participate in this training. In the course of training, trainees will pay a mango orchard field visit for practical courses.

Training will last four (4) days and is provided by COLEACP.

Source: Amélioration de la compétitivité de la filière mangue de la Guinée-Bissau (WACOMP-GB)

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