DeSIRA-LIFT programme: COLEACP involved in Africa Climate-Smart Agriculture

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and DeSIRA-LIFT jointly organised two events at the 2nd Biennial Conference on Africa Climate-Smart Agriculture, which took place on 14–16 September 2022 in Accra, Ghana, and online. The Conference provided opportunities to discuss Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) accountability, resource use and impact in Africa amongst a wide audience.

The first event, Thematic Paper Presentation on compatibility assessment of agroecology and CSA practice, focused on agroecological transformation in support of climate change and the contribution of agroecology to climate-smart agriculture. The second event, a side event on The contribution of agroecology to climate change adaptation and mitigation, provided different perspectives, from policy to practice, on the potential role of agroecology in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

COLEACP is the lead of the second service area of the European Union’s DeSIRA-LIFT programme working closely with African research organisations towards the Development of Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture contributing to sustainable agriculture and food systems. More specifically, DeSIRA-LIFT’s Service Area 2 works to support FARA, AFAAS, ASARECA, CCARDESA and CORAF (collectively known as CAADP-XP4 organizations) playing a key role in Africa’s agricultural knowledge and innovation systems. COLEACP works closely with GFAR, EFARD, IFAD, FAO and other partners and with Agrinatura in the implementation of DeSIRA LIFT.