Collective training on sustainable production systems in Benin

A collective training focused on “Sustainable Production Systems” took place from May 15 to 17 2023 in Allada, Benin, benefiting DEFIA’s partner clusters. Eleven participants from 11 organisations participated in this training. The main objective of the training was to present participants with a variety of “systems” that allow for an optimal balance between sufficient production, economic profitability, social acceptability, and equity, while preserving the environment. The topics covered included soil fertility restoration, biodiversity preservation, and increasing the resilience of farms to the challenges of climate change.

The training aimed to introduce participants to a range of “systems” that enable an optimal balance between adequate production, economic profitability, social acceptability, and equity, all while ensuring environmental preservation. The training covered various topics, including the restoration of soil fertility, preservation of biodiversity, and enhancing farm resilience in the face of climate change challenges.

Participants were equipped with knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework for sustainable environmental management. They also gained a clear understanding of the impacts and limitations of industrial agriculture, which relies on intensive use of chemical inputs and soil cultivation techniques. Furthermore, the characteristics of various production methods were explored, including conventional production, organic production, agroforestry, permaculture, and agroecology. This in-depth knowledge enabled participants to identify agricultural practices that do not comply with the requirements of private standards for environmental preservation and sustainability.

This training was organised within the framework of the project to support the agro-ecological transition of the pineapple sector in Benin, financed by ENABEL through its Programme for the Development of Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Sectors (DEFIA) and implemented by COLEAD.