COLEAD: a network and a toolbox

The development of a sustainable global food system is crucial to meet the challenges of reducing poverty and inequality, ensuring food security for all and protecting our planet.

COLEAD aims to contribute to the agricultural sector’s transition towards more sustainable agri-food systems adapted to local contexts.

COLEAD is a network of companies, professional organisations, experts, private and public partners working in the agricultural and food sector, the world of development and the transmission of knowledge and expertise.

In practice, through development programmes COLEAD provides, online and in the field, technical assistance, vocational training and support services in regulatory monitoring, market insights, partnerships, research and innovation brokerage and access to finance. COLEAD offers a toolbox for all actors committed to a sustainable agri-food system.

Our mission is to facilitate and implement activities that, directly or indirectly, increase the contribution of the agricultural sectors to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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