COLEACP’s participation in the 4th AU–EU agriculture ministerial conference

The fourth African Union (AU) – European Union (EU) agriculture ministerial conference will take place on 22 June 2021, co-hosted by the African Union Commission and the European Union.

The event will include four high-level thematic sessions, to be held in parallel, from 10:00 to 11:30 (CET). Jeremy Knops, COLEACP’s General Delegate, is taking part in one of these sessions, on “Use of digital solutions in agriculture to combat diseases and to strengthen rural communities”. His contribution focuses on “Adjusting to the EU market requirements to unlock the agri-food potential in Africa”.

In both Africa and Europe, there is an increasing need for adequate, safe, nutritious and affordable agri-food products. Food systems can stimulate green innovation and create jobs and growth in both European and African countries. The use of digital technologies in agriculture offers strong potential for driving economic growth, raising incomes and improving rural livelihoods. It can also address pressing global challenges such as impacts of climate change, loss of biodiversity, increase of plant and zoonotic diseases, and inefficient supply chains. In addition, it can contribute greatly to recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.

COLEACP is pursuing digital innovations that include online market platforms; solutions for transparency in value chains such as blockchain; and online real-time information resources for specific ACP countries. And developing appropriate skills along the value chains has become even more a priority, as these new digital technologies need to be accompanied by human and financial investments. COLEACP is extending its use of online and hybrid learning for capacity building tailored for actors in ACP agri-food sectors, both private and public.

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