AGRINFO – Launch of a new global agri-food information programme

Brussels, 31 January 2023: The AGRINFO programme launch was attended by 119 participants including Embassy representatives from 45 countries worldwide, alongside EU Commission Services and industry associations. Following an introduction to the programme’s evolution and its new information platform and dissemination tools, those attending were able to meet and catch up with colleagues and friends.

The AGRINFO programme, funded by the EU and implemented by COLEAD, is designed to keep low- and middle-income countries up-to-date on new EU policies, regulations and standards with potential impacts on all agri-food value chains.

The event was introduced by Dr Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit at the European Commission, Directorate-General (DG) for International Partnerships (DG-INTPA). Representing COLEAD, Jeremy Knops (Delegate General), Morag Webb (Head of Science and Policy) and Chris Downes (Policy and Law Lead Expert) presented the pressing need for this new information programme, its aims, and progress to date.

Agri-food products account for a large share of traded goods from developing and emerging economies to the EU. The evolution of market requirements under the Farm to Fork strategy of the European Green Deal presents an opportunity to positively influence production and trade in developing and emerging economies – but it will be critically important to ensure that this transition is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, and that the poorest and most vulnerable players are not left behind.

So the aim of AGRINFO is to ensure that information about new EU regulations and standards, and their implications, is transferred promptly, and in a digestible form, to the people who need it. These include producers, processors, traders and competent authorities in developing and emerging economies who must take action to ensure that exported produce – including that from small-scale producers and operators – remains compliant and retains access to the EU market. The value chains covered include food and feed of non-animal origin, animals and products of animal origin (including fish), plants and plant products, with a primary focus on agri-food.

The programme supports all those involved in global agri-food value chains via:

  • a new, open-access AGRINFO website presenting clear summaries about the “what, why and when” of recent and upcoming changes, and actions needed to adjust to new rules
  • AGRINFO UPDATE – all interested stakeholders can subscribe to receive regular email alerts every 2 weeks listing the most recent developments.

The programme also provides facilities specifically for programme partners in low- and middle-income countries (as defined by the OECD): the competent authorities at national/regional level and national SPS committees; also business membership organisations and national farmer associations The facilities available to partners are:

  • AGRINFO TOPICAL BRIEFING emails, as and when needed, with more detailed information relevant to their own sector and locality
  • Consult AGRINFO via the website to request clarification about the content, and to raise concerns about the potential impacts on their value chain of changing policies, regulations and standards.

AGRINFO is at the start of its journey and will be evolving over the coming months and years. COLEAD and the AGRINFO team are keen to receive feedback on all aspects of the website and the programme.

Sign up for regular AGRINFO updates here.

The AGRINFO programme is funded by the European Union and implemented by COLEAD. The AGRINFO information platform was created and maintained with the financial support of the EU; its contents do not, however, reflect the views of the EU.

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